Marriage between textiles and ceramics

In 2017 I worked at the Textile Museum’s LAB, at the departments of Knitting and Embroidery.
The central theme was Lichen/ Korstmossen. The inspiration came from the Poimena residency in Tasmania, Australia in 2006. First I developed the textile part of the project, and worked with Jan Willem Smeulders of Knitting. We started by adding a 0,7 mm filament yarn (thick plastic thread as used in tennis rackets) to the other yarns in the knitting machine. This filament caused the cloth to shrink and warp and gave it an appearance of a landscape. At Embroidery I worked with Frank de Wind.
In 2018 I had a 3-month residency at sundaymorning @ekwc in Oisterwijk. I looked at lichen and funghi and started to develop foam porcelain, pushed through stainless steel mash. This procedure had been developed by a Korean artist. Now I experimented with it to fit in my textile works. I used two firing temperatures.
At the EKWC the textiles and ceramics were joined in different works that each had a different appearance. The process was explained in 2 articles, written by Edith Rijnja in KM 106, zomer 2018 and Textiel Plus zomer 2018: see Downloads.