Solo exhibition Oernatuur/ Primal Nature

Show by Chris Reinewald (Textiel Plus) and Ans van Berkum (Beelden) en in BBK krant (Peter van Loon) and an article on residencies by myself in the same BBK krant. See Downloads.
There also was a workshop with children and a very successful educational art table with samples of the textile techniques and ceramic pieces that could be handled by the public.
In the vitrines downstairs ceramic shipwrecks were on show, with textile sea life made by two groups of artists: the Outsider artists from the Outsider Gallery and Studio in the Hermitage, Amsterdam and the Textile artists from STiQS.
The public wanting to actually do something on the spot could work and make their own Sea Life from textiles and either take it home or decorate the sea scape, with shipwrecks that were there for public use.